Marquette County Medical Care Facility understands that this is a time of change and would like to help with the placement of yourself or a loved one.   We take pride in promoting the highest quality of life attainable for the residents entrusted in our care.  We understand that this tranisiton period can be a difficult time and would like to make the adjustment period proceed as smoothly as possible.   











        You can download the full application and Privacy Practices to print and fill out below

               Admission Application


                                   Privacy Practices.pdf


FOIA Policy.pdf


                                                                                       If you have any questions or need guidance or assistance please call:

Nicole Barlock, RN                                         Tami Grobar                                             Miranda Cobb

Admissions Coordinator                                Social Services Coordinator                      Social Worker

906-485-1061 ext. 7224                              906-485-1061 ext. 7112                          906-485-1061ext. 7170




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